Rising In Cancer

Cancer ascendants characterized by their high sensitivity. Everything they perceive and experience is absorbed deeply and engraved with their emotions.

They are very empathetic when dealing with other people and can easily walk in their shoes.

Planetary Ruler:



The Crab





Lucky Colors:

Red, Yellow, White

Lucky Numbers:

2, 7, 9

Lucky Gemstones:


Lucky Days:

Monday, Thursday

Lucky Direction:


Cancer Rising Compatibility:

Scorpio, Pisces

Cancer Rising Celebrities:

Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Vincent Van Gogh

Positive Personality Attributes

They can process these sensations with their creative streak and create something new, making them great artists.

They are maternal and affectionate, cares for their friends with motherly care.


Negative Personality Attributes

They tend to fail under pressure, they will lose their composure and lash out with emotions.

They fear from the future and suffer from strong feeling of nostalgia

 Cancer Men

Cancer men are full of warmth and they are more of a follower than a leader in relationships.  They are easy to hang out and understand. They are steady and charming, likes to help others. They are usually introverts; they are passive and sensitive. They could be irritated easily by intentional or unintentional behaviours.


Cancer Women

Cancer women looks demure most of the time.  They are willful and unreasonable most of the time, hard to read but only people who are closer to them can see this. They act with discrete and hide those feelings. They are perfect hostess; they care for their loved ones and they like doing housework. They are actually family centered and they want to make a comfortable place for themself to live.

 How to win at life as Cancer

Careers in service would suit them because of their emphaty and problem solving skills. They should stay away from stressfull careers as in they will suffer greatly.


On the last note

As life goes on and Cancer person gains experience at it they will build more walls around themself in order to proctect them. This walls will help them stay safe but can put a distance between their loved ones and themself.