Rising In Leo

Persons with Leo ascendant want to achieve something in this world. They want to create the perfect world around them and shape their surroundings meaningfully. They live their lifes filled to the brim with their feelings and enjoy life untill the last drop.

Planetary Ruler:



The Lion





Lucky Colors:

Red, Green, Orange

Lucky Numbers:

1, 4, 5, 9

Lucky Gemstones:


Lucky Days:

Sunday, Monday

Lucky Direction:


Leo Rising Compatibility:

Aries, Sagittarius

Leo Rising Celebrities:

Pablo Picasso, George W. Bush, Johnny Depp, Steve Martin

Positive Personality Attributes

They are confident, dont feel self-doubt. They take pride in their crafts.  With their positive attitude, confidence and warmth they make great leaders.

Negative Personality Attributes

They could be arrogant from excess pride and confidence.

They can not take advice or criticism.

They are self centered and wants to make everything about themself.

Leo Men

Leo man are proud creatures, they seek intelligence and beauty from their lovers. They go for high paying jobs and expects the same from their peers. They try to hang out with people above their level to increase their own. They act with confidence and loves to show of. Sometimes they act a little bit crazy but the good kind of crazy. Hanging out with them might be tiring to some but definetly rewarding. 

Leo Women

They take so much pride in their looks and they show it. Best make up, clothes or accessories must be worn by them. They are picky in their relationships; this leads most of them to be alone due to their high criteria. Leo women doesn’t like to be bothered, if they don’t like someone they will not waste any time with them. If a leo women likes someone, they should feel lucky because it’s a very rare occurrence. 

How to win at life as Leo

They have to create and control anything around them, they can’t follow a leader so they must lead. In order to win they have to take matters in their own hands

On the last note

Instead of trying to fix their mistakes they should focus on honing their greatest strengts and put all their effort into being better