Rising In Libra

Libra ascendants are mostly happy, friendly, balanced, and blessed with a natural charm. They love meeting with new people and new cultures yet they fear initiating interactions due to them being afraid to quit.

Planetary Ruler:



The Scales





Lucky Colors:

Green, Yellow, White

Lucky Numbers:

1, 2, 4

Lucky Gemstones:


Lucky Days:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Lucky Direction:


Libra Rising Compatibility:

Gemini, Aquarius

Libra Rising Celebrities:

T.S. Elliot, Paula Abdul, Geena Davis, Venus Williams

Positive Personality Attributes

They are graceful and modest. They act merciful and generous in lifely matters.

They always help others while acting selfless.

Optimism and being cheerful is their strongest weapon in life.

Negative Personality Attributes

They are usually light-hearted and gullible, they trust others easily and could get harmed.

They cannot decide and avoid disputes.

Libra Men

Libra men is equilibrium. They are balanced in life. They are content and all right with what they have and would not push boundaries to get more. They are easy to get along and have good, deep conversation. They are great at comforting others and would love to help anyone they can. Most of libra men doesn’t like having a beard and their hair always sturdy.

Libra Women

They love to be working to help people but most of the time they wont function well under pressure, therefore they wont be able to work at risky jobs or situations. Libra Women has a caring character and great secret keepers. Libra women can diffuse chaotic and aggressive situations easily, their word makes a great impact.

How to win at life as Libra

They have great taste in art and crafts, making them ideal artists.

Seeking a career without dispute will suit them and make their life much less problematic and stresful

On the last note

Walking away from conflicts and seeking anywhere they are needed is their way to live the life. They should not try to strong-head their way into any situation.