Rising In Pisces

People with Pisces ascendant are susceptible. They have a good feel for the sentiments of their fellow human beings; they are incredibly compassionate and feel connected to everyone. They are accommodating and always ready to listen to the concerns of others.

They are more vulnerable to external conflicts, they are affected by others greatly.

Planetary Ruler:

Jupiter, Neptune


The Fishes





Lucky Colors:

Cream, Pink

Lucky Numbers:

1, 3, 4

Lucky Gemstones:

Yellow Sapphire

Lucky Days:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Direction:


Pisces Rising Compatibility:

Cancer, Scorpio

Pisces Rising Celebrities:

Antonio Banderas, Whitney Houston, George Clooney, Graham Bell, Robert Redford, R.D. Laing

Positive Personality Attributes

They are idealistic, believing and internalized, they are great friends. Pisces person is truthful and show selfless acts in their life.  They tend to be humble and kind to others

Negative Personality Attributes

They can be mysterious in their life and meddling with others. They might torture themself with anxiety of restlessness.

Pisces Men

Pisces men have strong sense of sacrifice, while they are also sensitive and vulnerable at heart, and like to make dreams.

They are gentle and passionate. They don’t care about themself in a dangerous situation and would work ahead to secure others.

Pisces Women

Pisces women are wise, easy to get along with and have gentle temperament and endless imagination. They have childlike innocence and pure heart, they love helping others and healing others is healing themself. They can be fragile and sensitive about matters that affects them deeply.

How to win at life as Pisces

Pisces ascendants are happy to deal with questions that revolve around the truth behind our material world, such as philosophical and religious questions. They sense that there is a lot more to discover behind the surface. Therefore they make great scientists and philosophers.

On the last note

Maybe keeping some distance from what others think about themself could heal and give them some rest in life