Rising In Sagittarius

Distant countries and cultures and new experiences: The big full world fascinates the optimistic and active people with Sagittarius ascendant. They want to broaden their horizons and quench their seemingly endless thirst for knowledge.

They never stop exploring and learning in their life, they hate staying idle.

Planetary Ruler:



The Archer





Lucky Colors:

Grey, Yellow, Brown

Lucky Numbers:

3, 5, 6, 8

Lucky Gemstones:

Yellow Sapphire

Lucky Days:

Thursday, Sunday

Lucky Direction:


Sagittarius Rising Compatibility:

Aries, Leo

Sagittarius Rising Celebrities:

Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, Coco Chanel, Bob Dylan, Lady Diana

Positive Personality Attributes

They are kind, helpful and generous making them great friends and well in comforting others.

They are noble and harmonious, they get along easily with their peers in workplace and could increase efficency of everyone.

Sagittarius people loves their freedom, are always optimistic and active in their life.


Negative Personality Attributes

They are careless and arrogent to other people, they dont bother with drama.

A sagittarius person could be hard to handle, unreasonable and conceited.

Sagittarius Men

Having a strong independent spirit, Sagittarius men have their own ways of living and are unwilling to be restrained. They are enthusiastic, optimistic, and very sincere, but sometimes emotional. Their extreme selfishness would hurt their relationships and could end their long-term ideals.


Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius women love being independent. They hate being chained and anyone that tries to control them will face great backlash. 


How to win at life as Sagittarius

n professional life, they benefit from their knowledge of the big business. They keep an overview and can very well delegate tasks to their employees. They should seek managing careers.

On the last note

The cross-border Sagittarius must learn to accept restrictions in order to work with others, their careless actions could hurt their beloved friends and peers.