Rising In Scorpio

People with Scorpio ascendant can develop a great passion. No matter whether for a new hobby, a new love, or a life goal; once their enthusiasm is aroused, nothing stops them from fulfilling their dreams and ideas.

They are known by their consistency and persistence.

When they want to achieve anything they will put all their might onto it.

Planetary Ruler:



The Scorpion





Lucky Colors:

Red, White, Brown, Yellow

Lucky Numbers:

3, 7, 9

Lucky Gemstones:


Lucky Days:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lucky Direction:


Scorpio Rising Compatibility:

Cancer, Pisces

Scorpio Rising Celebrities:

Diana Ross, Ed Harris, Chris Evert, Mata Hari, River Phoenix

Positive Personality Attributes


They are strong-willed, persistent and consistent people.

They are achievers, they seek glory in their life.

They are idealistic and perfectionists will work untill they achieve their desired results.


Negative Personality Attributes


They tend to be unstable, arrogant and bossy around people they work with.

They could be toxic and jealous to others in their life.

Scorpio’s are intolerant and insensitive to other beliefs.


 Scorpio Men

Having keen insight and judgment, Scorpio men can observe things objectively. With a strong spirit of fair competition, they despise the dishonest people. They are good at making plans and facilitating perfect results. They make long term plans and think steps ahead of them. They can be control freaks but most of the time they turn out to better for having plans. You can not catch them red handed. 

Scorpio Women

Scorpio women are so mysterious, stimulating the impulse of surrounding people to explore deeper. Scorpio women are very stubborn. Even if feel disheartened, they would never give up easily. They are dedicated and passionate in their life. Small challenges wont sway them away.

How to win at life as Scorpio

They want to dedicate everything they got to their craft, or a company they believe in. They strive in constant working conditions.

On the last note

Taking an advice now and then would improve their efficency and help them achieve much greater in their life.