Rising In Taurus

People with Taurus ascendant stand with their feet firmly on the ground. They are not dreamers but realists. They plan carefully and patiently, based on the truths lies beneath them.

They dont like adventurous life styles, they seek a stable life.

Planetary Ruler:



The Bull





Lucky Colors:

Green, Pink

Lucky Numbers:

2, 8

Lucky Gemstones:


Lucky Days:

Thursday, Friday

Lucky Direction:


Taurus Rising Compatibility:

Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus Rising Celebrities:

Serena Williams, Billy Crystal, Brendan Fraser

Positive Personality Attributes

They are objective and practical, their goals in life are grounded.

They are also sensual, body-conscious, and pleasure-oriented persons.

They are dedicated in their life with strong beliefs.

 Negative Personality Attributes

They are stubborn and have hard time changing their mind on a matter.

They are anxious about the future, unknown makes it hard to plan ahead.

Taurus Men

Taurus men has relatively stable personality and they seldom lose temper. They are unwilling to change their living habits and enjoy a slow pace life. For Taurus men, a stable life is very important for them. They value a lot on their family and children. Even if they are afraid of commitment or they are realizing the fault in their relationships, they will not drop it and move forward. They will try to fix it even if that destabilizes them.

Taurus Women

Many Taurus women like to pursue sensual pleasures, often appear to be beautiful and work hard in school or workplace. They have a clear concept of financial management and focus more on the quality of life. They don’t like change and they want to keep the momentum same. Even if they are moving too fast.

How to win at life as Taurus

They are hardworking and persistent. A stable office work could suit them perfectly. They work well with groups and have a great sense of community.

On the last note

Their downfall could come from being stubborn, not adapting to the new age. Following trends could help them fit in with the society they face.