Rising In Virgo

People with Virgo ascendant have outstanding powers of observation.

They tend to recognize every any minor detail and anything out of balance.

They seek balance and equality, life must be a steady and fixed flow.

Planetary Ruler:



The Virgin





Lucky Colors:


Lucky Numbers:

2, 3, 5, 6

Lucky Gemstones:


Lucky Days:

Wednesday, Friday

Lucky Direction:


Virgo Rising Compatibility:

Taurus, Capricorn

Virgo Rising Celebrities:

Oscar Wilde, Tom Hanks, Gene Kelly, Uma Thurman

Positive Personality Attribute

Their flexibility and clear practical sense will solve all their problems with given enough time.

They adapt and change due to situation they are in.

They almost fit in every friend group and makes friends easily.


Negative Personality Attributes

They could be picky and hard to deal when arguing.

Being narrow-minded could stop them from seizing oppurtunities when they rise.

They are self-centered around problems and tries to solve their problems on their own.

Virgo Men

Virgo man always look clean and neat, and their clothes are neater than women, which makes women feel inferior in front of Virgo man. Virgo man are professional in their own field. Nobody can compete with male Virgo in this field because they want to be excellent and can’t stand the feeling of losing control. They are so demanding that they are hard to be pleased. Once they have children, they can be extremely competent fathers. They will spend a lot of time teaching their children skills and how to be a noble person.

Virgo Women

 Virgo women are very polite and modest towards the people they like. If you spend some time with female Virgo, they will really regard you as the most sincere friend. They don’t like contact with others actively. Sometimes they are indifferent; it’s just because she is not familiar with you. Virgo women like reading all kinds of books, so you can feel that they are not a superficial woman. They attach great importance to a relationship and are easily to be contented, which on the opposite side they are more vulnerable to be injured. Sometimes they are stubborn and do not know to give up.

How to win at life as Virgo

Their strength is organizations and reality. As they quickly adapt to new situations they make great problem solvers and mediators could work in every career. They are great at handling chaos with being calm and using rationality.

On the last note

They dont waste time with useless and impractical deals in life. They should always strive for structure and order in their life and should flow with time.